Saturday, January 29, 2011

Through the Lookingglass?

I went off to a conference this week. I had all these hopes about hanging in my room dressed and willing. Instead I tried to grab back my manhood, unable to look at sissy sites or anything on the internet I was lost in a sea of testosterone. I was being sucked back. On my return home I rushed to my computer and spied an email that i had been waiting for. Without even opening it my little clitty sprang to life. At that point I knew there is no going back.  I am falling down the rabbit hole and there is no way to stop the slide. This site is my sole grasp at being what and who I am. I live in the great western desert quite far from big cities where others like myself reside or at least i know of none close by.
I wore bikini panties all week at the conference hoping to stay on track, the one thing that remained sissy I might add.
[2917800506_95723a49c5.jpg]I wanted to stand at the lookingglass and see something like this, a passable sissy ready for a little fun instead I just stayed in the bar with the other guys and admired the surroundings.  How do I get through the lookingglass?