Saturday, January 15, 2011

For Mistress Jessica

“Just look at us June, a few short months ago we were 2 guys checking out sites on the internet and you found Mistress Jessica.  We laughed when she said sucking cock was sexy, how we were getting aroused just reading her caps but I couldn’t not go back time and time again. I see that you did the same. Tonight my wife’s new boyfriend is coming over. Why am I so excited?


  1. That is a wonderful caption for your first time Regina. You picked a good picture and your cap was entertaining. Now I want you to post on your blog a short explanation of why you are a sissy. Add a couple of pictures that excite you. Keep pleasing me Regina....

  2. Thank you Mistress Jessica, I will soon have the post you request. Yours,

  3. Mistress, my next is now ready for your viewing. yours,