Friday, January 7, 2011

In honor of Mistress Jessica who knows what I want

This is the post that got my little clitty so hard I had to ask Mistress Jessica if I could suck it.  I wanted to be hers, to be her sub to do anything she wants.  Now I must find 10 pictures to best describe my sissydom.  I love to imagine myself as the one sucking these cocks. My little clitty starts throbbing when I look at these and feel my lips on a real mans cock.  

Mistress, here are my erotic pictures to describe my sissyself. I hope you enjoy and will now let me suck it. I have tried to cover proper attire, submissiveness and cock worship.



  1. Well Regina, I can see your a passionate sissy who needs to be trained further. Your pictures were erotic. Now we have to take you deeper dont we? I want you to write your own caption and place it on your blog. It should be another tribute to me. Keep pleasing me Regina I can show you the true passion of your sissy desires..

  2. Mistress Jessica, Thank you, I will have your cap soon. yours,

  3. good Job sissy

    i am sure Miss Jessie will train you well