Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am a Sissy because.....

I am a sissy because it is all i think about. I think about how I am going to please someone, anyone. I love to be on my knees and please my wife. I love to do the house work, cooking cleaning etc. I love to do what I am told. When I started perusing Sissy pages on the internet I began to notice that we had something in common, a tiny little sissy clitty. It is no wonder I had troubles satisfying anyone with a clitty so pathetically small. I like to wear panties to rub against my little clitty. I admire pictures of tiny little clitties being encased in panties but even more I began to be aroused while looking at pictures of real men. It was suggested to me to never waste any of my sissy cum, I don't.  Then I found Mistress Jessica's blog, her captions speak to me like no others that i have found. I now crave to have real mens cocks in my mouth and in my sissy pussy.


  1. such great work here sissy, i hope your personal transformation is coming along too. Then we can expect to see you here one day soon

  2. KIRCEDES, Thank you for the kind words

  3. You are soo right about the sissy transformation... sigh, I'm ready!