Monday, February 21, 2011


 Oh to get into this position. so nice!! my little clitty is just so erect as i ponder the situation.  I want to be her so badly.  I thought maybe today, it turned out to be only my fantasy.  Sometimes when he talks I think I should be a little more dominant and turn him into the sissy!! he would then become the cock whore cum loving sissy and I would just be the observer, the dom, the mistress. what I need is a mistress to make those decisions and a real man to fill all my holes with his lovely cum.


  1. I love that you can see the sissy cocksucker's little cock sticking out. You can tell he's a real sissy cocksucker because his cock is hard from taking a cock in his mouth. My wife and I have played dirty talk games because she noticed that I like my ass played with while we fuck and that I like it when she sticks her thumb in my mouth. For a while she has had me say things like "I want a hard cock in me, "I want to lick a dick," and "I want to make a cock come in my mouth." Lately she has upped the ante telling me while we fuck that she's knows that all these things are really true because they make my cock harder and make me come when I say them. We only do this during the heat of sex but now I'm thinking that she really is suspecting that I am really a sissy cocksucker inside.

  2. Vicki, you are so lucky, I wish my wife would talk to me that way, it is "in my wildest dreams" I would most likely beg her to get a strapon. enjoy!!

  3. I not only have night dreams with Kircedes and I/ but u also have daytime fantasies about how Kircedes pimps me out/ yet following her mistresses concerns. So cute, yet, so Hoyt!!!!