Friday, February 7, 2014

The Return

Oh my god, I recently returned from my usual winter excursion to places warmer than here. Often upon my return the weather has broken and spring is the season for the next six months. Not so much this year. Has been the coldest it has been here for years and now snow. I would love to go back and stay.

The best thing about about returning is getting to live this lifestyle I have chosen. My boyfriend was glad to see me as I was him. His hard cock is so lovely that I get a nice warm feeling as I write this.  If it was not snowing today I would most likely sneak away to spend the day with him. But here where snow is not that common best to not travel. 

Things are good  with me. I like where I am going, the worst is it just sometimes takes so long to get there. hehehe  Experience tells me to just take my time and let things happen as they will. But I always have to keep in mind I am not a patient person. lol  Sometimes I have to slow down and enjoy where I am at today. Hope you do too!!

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