Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

I just have this crazy feeling 2014 is going to be one crazy good year. Hopefully, for all of us everything we seek will come to pass. Bring it on. Happy New Year!!!

I have often wondered how far this would all go. It is becoming obvious to me that my growing interest in all things feminine and my craving for more cum, more cock and more time to seek these things out lead me to believe that i need to come out of the closet and declare myself to the world. on the other hand i often think that i talk to much about myself on my blog. I should tell stories or find something interesting to say or just post pictures with or without captions. alas dears, I think i will just keep on doing what i have done over the years, talking about how i feel about things in general, how i have slipped down the rabbit hole, how i have little interest in women anymore and how i love to suck my boyfriends cock. I have been told this is all a fantasy and i should keep it that way, if that is true then i am way out of my league.

and i love it. Happy New Year to all

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