Monday, February 17, 2014

Outside influences

I have had one of those weeks. Many outside things affecting everything that goes on with me. Not able to hook up with my man this week. and with a little time online i started getting invitations from young women to look at their pictures on google +. I found them to be, oh how do i say this but, wonderful and made me horny. It has been sometime when genetic girl pictures had much effect on me and it was nice to have that arousal level again but ..... It made me wonder.

 How much of a sissy faggot cocksucker am i?  This morning while cruising around checking out the blogs i follow i found this most sensual loving video of just a few seconds of a cock getting sucked. I so wanted that to be me. I want my man now. it was beautiful. all thoughts about where i belong are gone again. I know!!
   I love it!!

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