Saturday, December 8, 2012


Yesterday i started the day with a note to my master with a subject line of "finally". We were going to meet face to face for the first time after a couple of months of just emails and chatting. he has been sculpting me to be a good little sissy slut.

I skipped work and headed to our prescribed meeting place. a little store in the middle of nowhere this was just a public meeting so we could meet, find out a little about each other and see, i guess, if this is what we really wanted to do.  i was directed to wear panties and i did. i even wore my nipple rings he had directed to get and wear when we were together.  we had no plan other than to meet and talk. things were alluded to but this was about getting comfortable with each other. 
i got to the place a little early and went inside to get coffee. when i returned he was there. we introduced ourselves and he went to get coffee. we sat in his car for a while and talked of many things of little consequence and finally we noticed how crowded the parking lot had become. i suggested we go to a park i had passed a couple miles down the road. we arrived at the park and both of us used the restroom. we stood outside on a cold windy day. he asked what i wanted to do.

If i could get one thing out of this meeting i had wanted to touch another mans cock. i have been doing this sissy thing a fairly long time and honestly i have never been with a real man.
so my reply to his question was " i want to touch your cock." we retreated back to the cold concrete seclusion of the restroom and slipped inside. where my master unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants in front of me. there before me was this magnificent cock. it was now i had to decide if i could actually do this. in a split second that decision was made as i put my hand on his shoulder as the other found his cock to fondle. instantly it responded to my touch and almost as quickly i responded to its response. i dropped to my knees to get a better look at this cock in my hand. no sooner had i dropped down than i muttered something about i can't believe i am doing this and touched that cock to my lips and bingo it was in my mouth. omg what a feeling!!! There was the immediate realization i had wasted my life. this is what i was born to do. Be on my knees in front of a real man with his cock in my mouth. there was no hesitancy there was no wondering about anything i realized i wanted his cum and i was going to get it. i am not sure what he thought as he was about to cum he asked if i was ready. my response was to bury my face in his pubic hair and wonder what is taking so long. it was magnificent i loved the feel and the taste as he exploded in my mouth and down my throat. nothing escaped this cocksuckers lips. i wanted that cum so badly i continued to suck him long after any vestige of cum remained. i loved it and i did not want to stop. 

in a cold restroom along a minor highway was not what i had in mind for my first blowjob. i would meet my master there any day of the week to repeat this event and if you are ever passing my way i  .............


  1. Way to go good Gurl, so beautifully dirty.

  2. It's been a long road for you to finialy realize your deepest desire and place in life. I'm happy for you honey and hope you have many more pleasurable encounters. Remember always swallow!

  3. Thanks Hon, I hope to have more encounters too. and yes i will always swallow. I remember you telling me "waste not, want not". I swallow but always want more. hugs

  4. Oh, I'm so getting worse. Paperwork due for well over a month now. Didn't even fire up seasonal work for extra money. Mans work. All I think about is click and the pleasures it brings me to please it