Saturday, February 23, 2013


time goes on. I was out of the country for awhile and while out of the country i was wandering around trying to be a man. I don't think it really works very well for me any more. Since my last post i have grown to crave the position you see here. on my knees in front of a mans cock. 

I had another meeting last week. It turned out to be absolutely sublime. We met at the quick stop as we had agreed to. The hustle and bustle of that place always gives me reason to go someplace else so we headed down to the park a couple miles down the road. My friend got into my car and we chatted for several minutes. It wasn't long before my friend decided i would like to see his panties. That being the case i decided i wanted  to see his clitty. We are still sitting in the parking lot and bingo, here we go again. I reached over to touch it. I wanted everything to go slowly, so i could really get to understand about the anatomy of a man, especially this uncut clitty which was completely new to me. I touched it and i am always surprised at how i like the feel of another mans cock. Within seconds I reached down and tasted this delight.  Again i am dumbstruck with the ecstasy i feel when i have a man's hard cock in my mouth.

When i was finished i sat back up in the middle of a parking lot in the middle of nowhere and smiled. I had what i wanted, his load of cum. I knew at that moment that there was no going back to be the man i was trying to be a week before. that i am little more than a sissy faggot who lives to eat cum and with that  i am good.

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