Monday, November 19, 2012

Living the dream

johannakatt: Art: Enoch Bolles

It has been so long since i posted that i must apologize.  it is not because i have gone away, quit being a sissy.  sometimes i think about not being a sissy but it doesn't change anything. i have acceptance now that i am a sissy, that i have just passing interest in women and strive to please my master. did you read that right? yes you did, i have a master now, lives a short distance down the highway and is strong in his devotion to turn me into the most feminized creature i can be. i love it. this is where i belong. in fact he is the one who has requested that i start this blog again. i have missed this blog as it was a good outlet for the voices in my head which clamor for the real me to step forward. I am far from a finished product as i still live in the world of small town and i have to eat. I have grown my hair longer and at times i play with it trying to make it look all feminine. now i am seeking a style that is a little more feminine without it being to obvious. time will tell on this.

i vaguely recall listening to a hypnosis session yesterday the background voices telling me how my actions are more feminine, how i walk talk and act like a sissy more and more.
Samantha is so wonderful. She has helped me along with her hypnosis sessions. i never realized that she was planting subconscious thoughts about feminizing all the time. (  duhhh. i love it. i just want more and more.

so with that i am going forth into the world today. i will be back.