Saturday, June 11, 2011


Once again I am posting with little to say but I can let you know what I am thinking about.  I had an opportunity to meet my first blowjob yesterday.  We had a wonderful conversation while lunching with friends.  It went well. I am not sure he knows he will be the first but the door is open and I have his number!!!!
I just want the opportunity to be me, regardless.  We should all get that chance.  I hope you all enjoy. 


  1. The women are awesome, very pretty, verrrry sexy and very lovely cock suckers and they seem to be doing a fantastic job. Wish that I could be one of the women.

  2. Hi Hon, Thanks for stopping by. They are indeed yummy and i wish i was one of them too. hugs, regina

  3. Love it girl and cock as well . Yummy