Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mistress, to be or not to be????

I sometimes wonder.  I started this blog because I was ordered to do so by Mistress Jessica. I would have done anything for her, I think. I wanted her to invite me to come to her town and train me. That was my fantasy and not hers.  She has since moved on and I miss her.  I read other blogs of gurls who are influenced by their mistress and I am so envious. On the other hand, if I were under their power I would not be able to do what they ask because of my situation. So I wonder, if I could ever have a mistress, if we could find a way for me to be trained and under her power I would cook and clean and ......

  I get so horny when I fantasize about fluffing for my mistress or cleaning up after she and her lover have finished. To lick the cum of another man from her pussy gets me so hard. Turning to him, I take him into my mouth to clean and stimulate for another round, oh my god how divine!  I envision a pallet made for me at the end of the bed, there I sit, lay, watch, a collar around my neck with a leash leading to my goddess.  She tugs, there i am at her service. so simple yet so far away.


  1. having a mistress for those first few steps is brilliant and I cannot deny the sexual allure and wonderful feeling it is to be owned and pushed by a mistress. It makes one feel complete and justified and gives such a lovely warm fluffy feeling inside.

    But it is an excuse. It is an excuse to yourself to stop yourself from achieving the things you truly desire. You hesitate and becoming the girl you want to be because the consequences scare you so you make excuses like you don't have a mistress.

    Accept yourself. Be your OWN mistress. It's easy once you rid yourself of the guilt and the shame that is preventing you from making yourself truly happy. Become the girl you want to be. Do it and stop using silly excuses to prevent yourself from being happy because I can assure you that every day that goes by you don't do this is going to be a day of regret later on in life when you finally realise how silly it was you waited so long.

  2. I know. Me too. Me too....]

    I want to fluff and then be discarded only to watch another man fuck my wife to her orgasmic enjoyment, while she looks down on me in enforced chastity with distain. It is a major goal of mine, but I do not think it will ever happen for me.

  3. you must share your Fantasyz with your lover. If you do not have one and need to be pushed, Contact Me. I am currently controlling and encouraging a few sissyz further into their desires.

    I would be happy to help you too.

    Miss KC