Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Sitting in a motel room tonight perusing the blogs and I want to share my feminine side with you. The little harlot that screams out for cock. My date canceled tonight.  so i am stuck here looking at pictures that make my cock ache. I wanted the real thing.  I do think it was legitimate. but I wanted him to be here too. The pictures are starting to look good and my little clitty is starting to stand at attention and ooze that lovely precum. 
[belted.jpe]tomorrow will be another day. 


  1. The top two ladies are so cute and sexy. There sissy clitties are SOOOO cute, and they nee some sucking.
    The last lady....sooo hot, I could suck everything right thru those pantis.

    1. Hmmmmm, Jellybean, I think so too, they are so hot. Makes a little clitty stand up and pay attention. Thanks for the comment. hugs

  2. i hate the no shows and cancellations that has become my sissy life. Can't wait for a real man to follow thru. jillian