Friday, May 13, 2011

All alone

Oh so sexy laying on the bed but as with us who hide our dreams and desires hiding behind a facade of marriage, she is alone.  I like to feel all girly, giddy like a little school girl. But the bottom line is nothing. How long will I be content to jack off into my hand and lick my cum clean because I haven't done the footwork to get what I really want. A real man with a big cock which starts to throb and cum into my mouth. I don't just want, I absolutely must have it. I am a cock craving, cum loving, sissy faggot, cock whore and I want to live the part.

I would love to have implants so I could look like this.  Nice titties which would make me even more attractive, sexy and womanly.  I practice all the time to be a minceing little slut dressed in my 3" high heels and panties. I always wonder should I have done this all long ago.  I always come up with the answer "hell yes". But I didn't and today is today.

I hope you enjoy this. I will be unavailable for a short period so please comment and I will respond at some point in the future. hugs to all, Regina