Friday, January 9, 2015

'nuff said

What a start to the new year, omg.  We are ten days into it and there has been more happen in my life than I ever
thought possible.  First things first: I came out to my
vanilla wife on the fourth. I had become cornered and I know it needed to happen to I let it out of the bag, "I am bisexual or more likely gay" I told her.  While she was taken aback she was not really that surprised and had started talking about how my body was changing. We went on like this for a couple of days and then I started telling her of how my body felt changing and what it was doing to my head. I don't want to stop I told her when she suggested going to the doctor to have my hormones checked.  During the course of the conversation we decided since I was horrible with makeup that she would show me how to do it, that since I didn't have anything to wear she got out a dress she thought would fit and that it was ok for me to rid myself of any body hair I wanted. This was FREEDOM!!!!! 

2 hours later I was sitting in the living room dressed having my wife take pictures. She was telling how I glowed as a woman and that I should pursue this part of me. Since then I have had man clothes on a couple of times but not for long, only to go downtown shopping when my wife took me to get my own clothes. From the looks of it she is helping and standing beside me as I begin to transition to full time. this is unreal and the fact that she supports me is like living in a dream. This is scary crazy and the most happy/joyous crazy all at the same time. We have all talked about the rabbit hole and how slippery the slope gets and once you are headed down that hole there is not any going back. It has been a long strange trip and it continues but I have switched trains.

Happy New Year to all!!!

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