Saturday, March 15, 2014

And the Rest is History

I thought i would check in with you all.  I am doing
good, the weather is changing and my hormones are
raging.  Here is the question; I grew my hair out to look
more fem but what I get is this mass of hair that looks like a man's long hair.  So obviously I need to go have this styled but how can I get this cut more fem but still look manly when I have to work or be in public as a man?  I would love to hear suggestions because I really don't know and there is no one around to ask. I looked at a wig the other day slipped it on and loved what it looked like but there is no way I could keep it attached during activities with my boy friend.  so there must be somebody out there who could give me a few tips.

Some days are funny I think I have hidden long enough and just want to be and do what I want. Then realize where I am located and know with certainty that would not be wise.  On the other hand, my vanilla wife continues to let on she doesn't know but asks the occasional question to let me know she does know.


  1. Love the post girlfriend, as well as being TS myself on hormones. So relate to raging, giggles. So wishing to chat or just be me as a whole. Hugs n kisses sweety

  2. I so love everything sissy n can't help but crave the thoughts that keep beating me up in my mind. The thought of being or letting the whore within me out. I'm so loving cock in all it's glory n being the slut I am n girly girl good girl thoughts overwhelms me at times

  3. hi Cindy, I can't believe I have missed all your previouscomments. Hon, thanks for writing and relating to me. I have often thought I was alone out here and now I see maybe I am not. I hope you will pm me and we can get to know each other. hugs and kisses