Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pending review

I am hopelessly, and helplessly enjoying the best sex of my life these days. yes it is way different from what ever would have believed years ago. Then someone introduced me to this new lifestyle.

I retook sissy crissi's test for sissies this morning and reread my score from a couple of years ago and crissi's comments and she was right, i do have it bad and there is always some man around to get a load of jiz from. I also scored higher than i did before. I am only one point from the most possible so crissi was right i do have it bad.

I met with a gentleman last week who wants a fwb relationship but wants me to be exclusive to him. I am thinking about this. his cock was the biggest i have had and he stayed hard so long. he has a place to host, no more parks and cars. he likes sissy regina. so why am i not thrilled with this arrangement. could it be that i want as many cocks as i can get?   tomorrow looms large on the horizon as  i ponder the coming of a new day in the life of regina. it will be glorious as i get to serve my man.

 Another marvelous date with my real man. I have become his little bitch, slut, sissy, cum loving gurl. it is divine. I am good with this for now.

I came out to an old friend and lover the other day just to see what the reaction would be and it was somebody i can share anything with. Turns out her sister and her used to talk about the chances of me being gay. So she was not surprised at all. so maybe i was the last to know.

life is to short to not get questions answered. live today as if ........



  1. Oh Regina, I'm so happy for you! I do feel your hesitation though -- being limited to just one cock . . . even such a wonderful masterpiece. But regardless sweetie, congrats on having such a delicious conundrum!


  2. crissi, and it is delicious............... thanks hon, for the comment and all you have done for me.

    Hugs and kisses, regina