Sunday, August 18, 2013


I am so ready to move on in this transformation and at some 
point soon it is going to happen.  What that entails i am not
really sure. I do know that i would like to be able to be more free. to live outside the constraints that i currently live with. I will leave my job on the first of the year and continue to work at home in another capacity. I have been blogging here for over 2 years and things have changed quite a bit. you have all put up with my little mad ramblings from time to time and i am sure you must all think, "get on with it."  I am gaining confidence in who i am and what i want, so time marches on. it is impossible to deny that i am a sissy faggot cocksucker who loves to eat cum and has little interest in women other than the clothes they wear.

I often wonder what the future holds and how far i will go on this path. what i do know is i do not want it to end.

please comment or write a pm. i am always looking for others to write or chat with. hugs


  1. Wish i could walk that path with you!

  2. amber, while not walking side by side we are walking this path together, by reading and writing with each other we become connected to others who understand and we create our own community, which we are a part of. thanks for walking with me, one day our paths will cross. hugs and kisses, regina